The voice of the electorate


Voice of the Electorate aims to strengthen American democracy by developing technology to express the will of voters to elected officials in a non-partisan way. Too often, elected officials make decisions and policies with limited information about the will of the people. Instead, they are influenced by lobbyists, donors, and media, as well as slow, unreliable polling. Modern communications technology provides a solution to this problem: rapid, unbiased, large-scale expressions of the will of the voters on all major issues. Using our non-partisan polling site, citizens can quickly and easily express their support of or opposition to major measures and hot issues. This will provide elected officials with essential, unbiased data on what their voters want, enabling rapid decision making founded on participatory democracy.

Our editorial approach


We care greatly about your privacy and the security of the data we collect. During the course of engaging with the Voice of the Electorate service, we may ask you to provide your phone number, email address. We use this information to alert you when new polls become available. We do not store any of this information alongside your poll votes. We do not sell this data.

We use your IP address to obtain your zip code so that, in the near future, we can provide information to lawmakers about what constituents want in their states and districts. We also hash (encode) your IP address and store the hash to prevent multiple voting. However, the IP addresses are never associated with poll votes. If you engage with Voice of the Electorate via Facebook, including Facebook Live events, we may store your Facebook user ID on our servers to prevent double voting. This data is not stored alongside your contact information or your poll votes. We do not currently store other personally identifying information.

We store poll votes as they come in over multiple days for data analysis. Data is stored on servers hosted by Google. We use third party services for email and SMS alerts. Please review our Privacy Policy.

About Us

We are a team of media, technology, and research professionals working to enable a more transparent, participatory democracy. E.J. came up with the idea and is the driving force behind the project. John provides boundless energy, inspiration & ideas. Bart is our chief herder of cats. Benoit built the site. Max and Stuart drive our social media engagement and much of our content, along with Andy. Arlo made it useable and gorgeous. This project is non-partisan, and Ben, Patrick and Joel are holding our feet to the fire on that. Our principals currently work on a volunteer basis, with seed funding by private investors. We welcome your feedback, although we may not be able to reply to every inquiry. We are always looking for volunteers to help with engineering and design, data analysis and polling best practices, and content. If you’d like to help us make V.O.T.E. truly exceptional, please mail us at

A big THANK YOU to SurveyMonkey for providing us with poll data processing infrastructure during our launch period.